Packaged pump stations

housing estate
Xylem Water Solutions Packaged Pumping Stations use a simple concept designed for situations where civil work and installation time must be kept to a minimum.

The Stations are pre-fabricated and are available in various sizes, supplied complete with all the
necessary equipment to allow ease and speed of installation.
General Applications
By offering a wide choice of pumps and controls, Xylem Water Solutions Packaged Pumping Stations can be adopted to suit most individual requirements. Applications include domestic effluent for a single household right through to large housing developments, industrial units and commercial premises. Indeed any situation where sewage or surface water needs pumping to a mains connection. The chambers can also be used to augment existing arrangements.
Xylem Water Solutions Experience
At the heart of each Xylem Water Solutions Packaged Pumping Station is the Flygt pump itself. Flygt are the originators of the submersible pump, and as the largest manufacturer in the world, offer a wide choice of specifications to suit the most arduous applications.

Continuous product development has resulted in a range that provides the ultimate in performance, operational economy and reliability.
• Ease and speed of installation
• A choice of specification
• Performance of Flygt pumps
• Simple inspection and service
• Easily transportable
• Installation of main components under factory conditions
• Simple pipe connections on site
Micro Pump Station
For domestic wastewater and sewage from individual households. Suitable for installation above or below ground.
Compit Pump Station
Single or dual pump installations for commercial buildings or where small retention volumes are required. Applications include domestic and wastewater.
TOP Pump Stations
For sewage and storm water applications, which exceed the working capacity of the Compit. Incorporating the self cleaning TOP benching unit for efficient transport of wastewater.