Packaged pump stations


Compit-picUnique ‘high density’ polyethylene pumping station from ITT Water & Wastewater
Over 25 years experience in packaged pumping station design have gone into a product resulting in the best polyethylene packaged pumping station we have ever built.

A unique and innovative ‘high density’ polyethylene packaged pumping station with specially designed self cleaning base. These features eliminate dead zones in the flow to ensure lasting, reliable, trouble free operation and greatly reduced ‘Life Cycle Costs’.
Designed to EN12050-1
• Robust design in rotation moulded polyethylene
• Light and compact
• Smooth inner surface and bowl-shaped bottom means a self cleaning design
• Single or dual pump systems
• Quick release high level coupling
• Stainless steel discharge piping
• Cast parts having quality powder coating
Compit application
Single dwellings – single pump station

Compit text
Approx tank   1200mm diameter 
Dimensions   1875mm tank height 
Max Weight (Tank with cover)  211 Kg Single 228 Kg Dual  
Working volume   Approx 450 litres 
Pumps   Single or dual pump installation C3057, D3057, M3068  
Outlet size   50mm N.B 
Inlet size   One 150mm  
Compit diagram 
Standard equipment
The standard package includes HD polyethylene pump chamber, Flygt submersible pump(s), Flygt ENM-10 Level Control System, discharge pipework and valves within chamber, light pedestrian or heavy duty access cover, control panel, and high level alarm as standard.

Optional extras
Various high level alarm devices, weather proof kiosks for controls, lifting davits, etc.

*Note – The exact suitability of the Packaged Pumping Station is subject to inividual site conditions, and will take into consideration inflow, total pumping head, storage capacity requirements, size of rising main pipework, power supply available and Local Authority regulations / Water Authority standards.