Remote I/O units

A flexible I/O system
Xylem Water Solutions in- and output system SIOX is characterised of Xylem Water Solutions flexibility.
The heart is done of your FMC control and monitor unit which is the base of the system you work on. To increase the number of in- and outputs external RIO-modules are connected. The FMC unit may communicate with the RIO modules via a SIOX field bus. To meet your demands there are RIO modules with different configurations of analogue and digital in- and outputs. You can realise almost any desired configuration.

 A wide register
FMC150-600 can control and monitor up to 600 in- and outputs when external RIO modules are connected. It is not possible to expand the FMC-100 with external RIO modules.

The SIOX field bus works in all topologies; point-to-point, bus, tree, star or ring. This flexibility minimises the total cabling and cost for expansion or alternation of the system.

SIOX Driver
To operate the SIOX bus a SIOX DRIVER must be installed inside the FMC unit. The SIOX bus works at a distance of up to 250 m when using Flygt's bus cable. With the bus expander module the functional distance can increase. Several RIO-R30 units can be used serially on the bus. Hence the functional distance can increase to 2,5 km.