Maestro is a Windows program for configuration of remote terminal units (RTUs) and central systems.

News in version 2.04
Enhanced functionality for creating multilingual applications:
- The number of languages have been expanded to 20 to accommodate our new markets Hungary and Spain, leaving 8 free for future use.
- Editing is made simpler by providing instant access to all languages from within the resource dialogs.
- A single compilation generates all Central system files for the selected languages together with the multilingual prom. NOTE: Using more than two languages in the prom requires forth system (This is preliminary) 3.21.
- The location of the output files can be customised using the path expansion commands set-up in the compilation model.

Other improvements:
- A multiple module export/import allows you to customise each import by selecting different subsets of functions to import.
- Module script from free location on your hard disk or network.
- The Undo function lets you undo changes, recover deleted resources etc.
- Build your function using drag and drop in the browse window.
- Use of Hierarchical modules creates a clearer outline of the application's structure in terms of main function and sub functions.
- And more ...

This is a self-extracting zip-file complete with program and documents in English, French, Swedish and Danish for user manual generation. The size is 103 MB.