Xylem Water Solutions APP is produced for small and medium sized pump stations with basic pumping functionality that can control one up to four pumps with or without alternation. It can easily be installed in your control panel since the APP consists of an I/O unit and an operator panel. You can use Xylem Water Solutions level regulator. Xylem Water Solutions APP can as well communicate to a higher sophisticated Scada System that log data and provide statistics and trend reports, preferably Flygt’s AquaView for easy installation and maintenance.
APP 521 - Pump controller that can control and monitoring one or two pumps with communication.

Control Functions
  • Pump Control
  • Alarm log
  • Statistics
  • Communication
  • Overflow
  • Rain
APP built in a Control Cabinet
Flygt offers a wide range of automatic controls, providing a selection of functions that make the pumps work at their most efficient. Available in several version that meet established requirements on various European markets.