Pump sumps can act as collecting points for dirt and sludge that accumulates in the pump network.

If not dealt with, this leads to reduced pump efficiency, clogging of the pump and malfunction of the level regulation system.

To prevent this, manual cleaning and maintenance is performed at regular intervals. This means consumption of time and money.
Automatic cleaning with APF-Cleaner
APF-Cleaner is an electronic pump sump cleaning device that helps to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the sump.

The function is to supplement the primary level control system in either a single or a dual pump station.

The device is designed to run the pumps to obtain the lowest possible water level in the sump, at which air is drawn into the impeller and the pump starts to "snore". The point is not to let the pump snore - on the contrary snoring is minimised - but prior to snoring the pump is able to pump away the grease and dirt on the water surface. Entraining air at low operating depths and a high level of turbulence at the end of the pumping are other desirable effects. The turbulence stirs up some of the dirt and grease on the sump floor, which are pumped away.

The removal of both floating and settled solids during pumping reduces routine maintenance and sump cleaning such as sparging and desludging. Another effect is a significant improvement of reliability.