Pump memory

The pump memory is mounted inside all pumps delivered “MAS-connected”.
The memory brings factory preloaded data such as:

Data plate info, which can be presented on the MAS Operator panel or with the Web tool.
The pump’s actual set of pump sensors and ITT Water & Wastewater's recommended alarm settings.

This is uploaded at first start-up to automatically configure MAS.

Operational data, called ’Running statistics’ is continuously logged from the point the pump is put into operation. This consists of:

Histograms of temperature, vibration and pump cycle length
Start and stop registrations

The pump memory is a 32kbyte EEPROM, which is syncronized every two hours with an equally sized memory in the Base unit.

MAS comprises service supporting functions which utilizes the pump memory:

Service log comprising a max of 200 lines of text
Conditions to prompt for service (based on running time, no of starts, or a specific date)