Background and general info

MAS 711 is a monitoring system aimed for large and medium sized ITT Water & Wastewater pumps. Its main duty is to monitor and protect a pump and to record measurement results from sensors and measurement modules.

In case an abnormal condition occurs, MAS can stop the pump and emit an alarm. Information about the alarm is stored in a database of recorded measurements, which enables the operator to analyze the course of events.
MAS 711 replaces CAS and in comparison, MAS takes a big leap in terms of features that help saving time and money.

The Web tool is the name of embedded web pages (in the Base unit), accessible by using a PC and a browser. The Web tool means ease of use and excellent overview.
A ‘black box’ function links alarms to relevant data to simplify troubleshooting
A pump memory mounted in the pump holds data to facilitate start-up and service
MAS fits into a complete monitoring and control system (SCADA) from ITT Water & Wastewater
All optional ITT Water & Wastewater pump sensors can be connected without the need for additional relays or modules.