Our standard iCompact panel comes with the Flygt APP521 pump controller, which provides intelligent monitoring and control for up to two pumps.
• Takes the basic Compact and incorporates an ‘intelligent’ Flygt APP 521 pump controller that will monitor and control pump operations whilst tracking and recording the pumps operation and
performance at all times
• 4 variants to choose from including for use with ATEX certified pumps
• Up to two pumps
• Three phase only
• LCD display
• Automatic or manual control
• Prewired for energy saving optional accessory
• Prewired for connection to telemetry or building management system

• Simple to install and operate
• Can operate from level switches or analogue level inputs
• Provides a 24/7 ‘virtual engineer’ at site monitoring the pumps during operation
• Provides clear and defined information to the operator via a display in the front panel
• Can provide details of inflow, outflow, overflow, pump capacity, and sump level data - from one
level input
• Can be used with centrifugal or positive displacement pumps from any manufacturer



Technical specification iCompact  (176 KB)