The Flygt Advanced Control Panel incorporates two unique features that will reduce pump clogging and downtime of your pump. Within each panel we have included a Variable Frequency Drive and the patented PumpSmart software that is tailored for driving wastewater pumps, giving you the advantages associated with speed regulation, plus top pumping efficiency.

The panel comes preset with 90% of the parameters that you need to drive your pumps. Flygt PumpSmart can be used with centrifugal or positive displacement pumps from any manufacturer.
• Takes the basic compact panel to a new dimension when using Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) by including Smart monitoring and control
• Provides a turnkey solution to our customers using our PumpSmart suite of software solutions
• 8 variants to choose from including for use with ATEX certified pumps
• One or Two pumps
• Three phase only
• LCD display
• Automatic or manual control
• Prewired for connection to telemetry or building management system

• Simple to install and operate using our PumpSmart user interface
• Increased pump efficiency
• Energy savings – adjusts pump speed to system demand
• Improved system reliability – reduces stresses on electrical and hydraulic systems
• Monitors and displays flow
• Enhanced process control – matches flow head to system requirements
• Can be used with centrifugal or positive displacement pumps from any manufacturer

A full range of PumpSmart (VFD) control including: -
• Pump running indication
• Pump speed indication
• Alarm log
• Pump running current
• Pump data
• Automatic pump cleaning cycle
• Pump capacity

For full details on PS 200 PumpSmart refer to separate documentation.



Technical specification SmartCompact  (174 KB)