Compact Control Panels

Xylem Water Solutions has developed for the UK markets a comprehensive range of pump control panels from the simplest type with basic start and stop functions to highly sophisticated, intelligent Smart panels using state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems, developed by Xylem Water Solutions.

Incorporating Xylem Water Solutions pump controllers into our standard panel, we have utilised our wealth of knowledge with regards to pumps and fluid handling to produce an intelligent product that ensures your pump station is working to its optimum performance, monitoring, recording and alerting you to any potential issues.

With the advanced Smart Control panel we have built in variable frequency drives that are managed by our patented software PumpSmart. This will not only monitor your pump stations performance but accurately match the VFD to the hydraulic system so that you have improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Here at Xylem Water Solutions, we have the experience and knowledge to supply you with the right monitoring and control equipment, to make your pump station function optimally with your pumps and for your applications.
Flygt compact panel brochure  (364 KB)