ITT Flygt makes for happy holidaymakers

Holiday home owners on the Yorkshire coast can rest assured following the recent installation of an ITT Flygt remote waste pump monitoring system.
Ensuring waste is efficiently and hygienically pumped away from the sewage plant at Reighton Sands Holiday Park, near Filey, is absolutely crucial to the safe and economic operation of the popular Haven holiday home caravan park.

Bourne Leisure brought in fluid handling and control solutions provider Flygt to advise on and install a monitoring system for the two 13.5 kW mid-range waste pumps at the secluded on-site pumping station.

Because of the pumping station’s isolated location, Flygt recommended its remote monitoring telemetry solution.

The solution monitors assorted pump performance parameters and if any faults or blockages are detected it immediately sends an alert over the phone line to a bureau operation. The fault is then automatically assessed so that appropriate remedial action can be initiated to prevent, or minimise, any impact on the safe running of the pumping station.

Flygt field sales engineer Robert Jackson said: “The functionality of ITT Flygts telemetry unit means that Bourne Leisure, which owns Haven, Warner’s and Butlins, can elect to monitor centrally sewage pump performance at their sites across the country.”