ITT Flygt helps London Underground stay on track

The world’s largest ITT Flygt Aquaview Masterstation is being used by Metronet Rail to keep tunnels and stations free from excess water that could disrupt London’s tube network.

Flygt a leading fluid handling and control solutions specialist, has worked closely with Metronet, the company responsible for renewing two-thirds of London’s Tube, and now plays a key role in helping minimise water-related disruptions across much of the 253-mile, 275-station network.

Almost 170 Flygt fluid monitoring and control (FMC) pump controller units have been sited at strategic points in the network, gathering critical fluid-related data remotely at numerous vent shafts, tunnels, stations and escalator units.

Information is relayed from Flygt FMC controllers using various methods of communication (including GSM, Telephone line, Wide Area Network [WAN] and [IP]) to Aquaview workstations around the Underground, which is then used to determine when individual Flygt pumps need to be employed and at what rate in order to prevent water rising to levels that could lead to sections of the network being shut down for safety reasons.

In the past, technicians travelled backwards and forwards visiting assets according to a rota. This could often be interrupted by alarms and emergency service calls. Now using the Flygt Aquaview system recording and reporting asset performance and runtimes, this has been replaced by planned service and maintenance.

Metronet asset manager Dave Rooks said: “Working with Flygt and their products and services and armed with real-time information about fluid levels at key points throughout the network, we have been able to activate appropriate pumps before water levels rise to a point that necessitates the closure of a section of track.”

Fluid levels are monitored and controlled using remote outstations, which send data to processor units that use WAN and modems to communicate with a central server. The server records the data and displays it live on control-room workstations, where alarms are triggered when key readings fall outside pre-programmed parameters.

Rooks continue: “Flooding and related disruptions to tube services have been minimised since we introduced the Flygt Aquaview Masterstation”.

Flygt Monitoring and Control solution provides an efficient operation and saves energy which is the single largest cost item in a processing industry. Aquaview makes it easy to report what has been gained, and money speaks louder than words. In some applications using Flygt Monitoring and Control has contributed to savings over 10 percent at pump stations while at the same time processing more water.

Many technicians working with the equipment find the FMC pump controller very user-friendly. At a glance, the front panel’s design receives a spontaneous positive reflection, as it is specially designed for pump control and is easily identifiable. If there is a requirement to change a setting such as a pump start, stop level or a flow calculation there is no need to rewrite the program. Simply adjust the values on the LCD screen via telephone connection, a laptop or on the Aquaview Masterstation which in turn will update the controller.

Metronet is running Flygt’s latest version of the AquaView Masterstation software, which offers an open communication platform. All data collected is stored in a SQL database. The structure of Aquaview is network ready and data storage can be made on a file server anywhere on the network. It offers the possibility of expanding a system step by step without being locked into a single set solution. Above all it turns monitoring and control into a safe and simple process.

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