Installation methods

There is a wide range of installation techniques that can be used for installing Xylem Water Solutions submersible Flygt mixers. Some of the most frequently used methods are detailed below

Lower capital investment
The submersible solution is often preferred over dry-mounted mixer installations. It presents a quick and easy installation with low capital investment since there is no need for costly catwalks, external transmission or concrete motor supports.

No expensive modifications
Thanks to the flexibility of installation, the mixing equipment can be used in existing tanks without the need for expensive alterations to the site.

Guide bar mounting
Guide bar mounting
The most common installation method. The mixers is lowered or raised along a guide bar located on the tank wall.

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Flange mounting Flange mounting
The mixer is fixed to an adapter flange which in turn is mounted in the tank inspection hole (patent pending).
Floor mounting Floor mounting
Often used in shallow tanks and ponds. The mixer is fixed to a stand at the bottom.

Cantilever mounting Cantilever mounting
Small mixers can be mounted on a cantilever bar which is simply clamped or bolted onto the tank edge.
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Guide bar systemsTripod guide bar system
This is generally a guide bar which stands on three ‘legs’ fixed to the floor of the tank. This ‘tripod’ arrangement has the additional benefit of not requiring an upper support when flow conditions are stable.


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