Flexicover - the only maintenance schemes that match
the high technology Xylem Water Solutions build in.
Based on the three grades of contract you will find one to suit your needs. If however you require something different, our Field Sales Engineer or Service Centre Manager will be pleased to discuss. Coustomised contracts are available and we will be happy to provide our quotation. Please read the attached terms and conditions carefully and discuss your needs with our representative or alternatively ring our Central Call Number 0845 707 8012 and ask for Service Contracts.
Flexicover is designed to meet your requirements precisely
How Xylem Water Solutions Flexicover works
Why you should choose Xylem Water Solutions Flexicover
Under the gold Flexicover, you can expect one complete routine service, with all spares included.
Any breakdowns between regular services are covered, so you really can leave all the maintenance to Flygt.
If your pumping station is not of the size or type to warrant a full Gold contract the Silver may be more appropriate. For one payment you will receive one maintenance visit from our engineers to give your equipment a thorough service. Routine maintenance spare parts are included but limited to impeller, wear rings, "o"rings and oil. This way you have the comfort of knowing that as the prime wear parts wear out they will be replaced.
A basic contract allows for one annual maintenance visit. All parts used and other site visits etc., are charged extra to the contract.
Flygt can also customise its service contracts to suit your exact needs, wether its just a look see to check everything is OK or a full maintaining visit weekly for arduous duty