Pumping station refurbishment

Many old sewage pumping stations contain dry well type pumps with extended shafts which require continual day to day on-site maintenance. Replacing these old spindle pumps with either dry or wet well submersible Flygt pumps offers many advantages in reducing maintenance costs and improving pumping efficiencies. Xylem Water Solutions Service Centres nationwide have successfully refurbished many pumping stations replacing dry well shaft pumps and ageing submersible pumps.
Refurbishing your pumping station with Flygt pumps will guarantee
  • Overall reduced maintenance costs.
  • Increased efficiencies reducing both running and operational costs.
  • A pumping station which can easily be serviced and maintained.
  • Future availability of spare parts for a minimum period of fifteen years.

Xylem Water Solutions may also be able to upgrade your existing pumping station and install auto-cleaning equipment such as the Flygt flush valve, the APF control unit and Nevaclog impellers which will automatically aid cleaning your sump and reduce the build up of solids and fats.