Flygt pump relieves problems at Anglian Water site

When Anglian Water experienced continual problems with three pumps at its Valley Rise Pumping Station in Desborough, it called upon the experience of Xylem Water Solutions, the leading supplier of water and wastewater treatment solutions, to rectify the situation.

The team at Xylem Water Solutions recommended that Anglian Water replace the failing pumps with Flygt pumps. Pete Harris, site operator for Anglian Water had lost confidence in the efficiency and reliability of pumps in general, as the old pumps on site sometimes blocked twice daily. As a result, Pete agreed to the new Flygt pump replacing one of the problem pumps on a two month trial period to see if the issues could be eradicated.

Engineers from Xylem Water Solutions installed a Flygt NT3301, replacing one of the existing pumps, and managed to retain as much of the original pipework as possible in order to cause minimal disruption.

The two month trial was a huge success and the new Flygt pump did not block once during this period. Adam Shaw, Collection Manager at Anglian Water, comments on the success: “We were really impressed with the Flygt pump installed on site, it has proven to be extremely reliable and we have not experienced any problems at all over the trial period. We are now gathering information on the other pumps to see if replacement of these is beneficial.”

Jamie Brown, Service Account Manager and Warranty Co-ordinator for Xylem Water Solutions, discusses the trial: “We are pleased that Anglian Water has had such success with our Flygt pumps and it is great that the trial highlighted their reliability.”