ITT Flygt keeps ships on an even keel

ITT Flygt pumps have kept shipping moving at Scotland’s busiest docks.
The pumping specialist’s rental division supplied and installed Flygt’s Great and Grey pump range to keep Grangemouth Docks filled with water while two on-site pumps were taken off line for maintenance.

Served by lock gates, the docks handle container and petrochemical shipping, with a water level as much as eight metres above sea level at low tide.

Pumps are required 24 hours-a-day to supply water through three, 1sq metre channels to replace water lost from the dock as ships pass through the lock gates. As much as six million litres of water can be lost each time a ship enters or leaves the docks depending on tide levels.

Flygt Rental secured the eight-week contract from docks operator Forth Ports Authority ahead of three other pumping companies.

It supplied two Flygt C3400 pumps – plus a third as back-up – and a Flygt C3312 pump, all powered by a generator. Around 600 metres of 450mm diameter pipe (connected to the C3400s) and 320 metres of 400mm pipe (for the C3312) were used, helping to reduce friction losses to allow for the high flow rates required.

Required flow rate was 1,500 LPS, passing forward a distance of 320-metres.

Flygt Rental regional manager – Scotland, Colin Rae said: “This job was complicated by the fact that pipe was not allowed to encroach on the dockside – therefore, no straight line discharge run – and the installation area was small, just 3sq metres.

“Time from start on site to go live date was only days, but our six-man team worked round-the-clock to have pumps and pipe installed, tested and ready to run.”