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Submersible pump rental

 The largest and most versatile submersible rental fleet in the UK
Submersible drainage and dewatering pumps.
Submersible mixers.
Submersible ejectors and aerators.
Flotation raft systems.
Pipework and ancillary equipments.
 When a quick resolution is vital
Products are available from our nationwide network of Rental centres.
Our mobile rental engineers can deliver, install and commission your temporary pumping system at short notice to overcome an emergency situation.
Our specialist rental department offers professional system design and on site support when required.
 Rental - typical applications
Sewage diversions and overpumping.
Site drainage and dewatering.
Water transfer.
Aeration and oxidation.
Sludge mixing.
 New Xylem Water Solutions Rental Guide   (2 MB)

How to dry out a reservoir

​When major remedial works were identified for Birkenburn reservoir in Scotland, the issue was how to dewater a reservoir on top of a mountain without causing silt pollution downstream. Flygt Rental devised a plan which allowed May Gurney to complete the refurbishment works on schedule. Link to ITT WWW Birkenburn Case Study.docITT WWW Birkenburn Case Study.doc

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