When are model tests necessary?

Hydraulic models are often essential to the design of structures that are used to convey or control the flow of water. They can provide effective solutions to complex hydraulic problems with unmatched reliability. Model testing is recommended for pumping stations in which the geometry differs from recommended standards, particularly if previous experience with them is not available.

Tests are particularly important if:
The sump has water levels below the recommended minimum level
The sump has obstructions close to the pumps
Multiple pump sumps require baffles to control the flow distribution
Existing sumps are to be used but with significantly greater discharges

Sumps having large inflows


Model testing can also be employed to seek solutions to problems in existing installations. If the cause of a problem is unknown, it can be less expensive to determine the reason and find remedies by model studies rather than by trial and error at full scale.

Involvement of pump manufacturer is often required in the evaluations of the results of the model tests. Experience is required to determine whether the achieved results are satisfactory and will lead to proper overall operation. Xylem Water Solutions can advise on the need for model tests and assist in their planning, arrangement and evaluation.