Applications where pressure pumping is the optimum solution

Remote Locations

Out of the way houses, singly or in groups can easily be integrated to the main system.

Industrial Plants

Industrial Plants is a sealed system, pressure pumping is particularly suited for the collection of toxic effluents and for separating chemicals from other discharges. Due to lifting capacity, piping is easily installed overhead inside factory buildings and above ground around the plant.

Flat Country

In areas that are particularly flat, it may be difficult to drain by gravity.

Hilly Country

In hilly areas, gravity and pressure system can be combined to provide the best solution.

High water tables

In areas with a high water table, pressure system eliminate the risk of leakage.

Across waterways

Transporting sewage by gravity across a waterway would be prohibitively expensive, involving complex excavation work beneath the body water. Pressure piping is simply laid across the watercourse.