Xylem Water Solutions has in its possession two programs for calculation of transients, WACA and Flowmaster.
The WAter hammer CAlculation program, WACA, is used to determine the extent of water hammer effects on a system after pump-stop. Water hammer occurs in pipe systems when the fluid velocity is suddenly changed, as at pump starting or stopping, and valve closing or opening. The most dangerous situation is a power failure when all pumps in operation suddenly stop.

The program can be used to model systems with check valves and an air Chamber. It can also be used to size an air chamber. The results are presented in two plots. One gives the pipe profile with steady state, maximum and minimum heads along the pipe. The other shows head, flow and relative pump speed, or air chamber volume, as a function of time.

The maximum pressure in the pipe should be compared with the pressure ratings of the pipe and fittings. The minimum pressure indicates whether vaporization or liquid column separation is possible.

FLOWMASTER, this program is used for solving complex transient calculations in pumping systems where ITT Water & Wastewater 's own developed WACA software is not applicable. I.e. for branched pumping systems or systems with valves with special characteristics etc.

Xylem Water Solutions can assist with water hammer calculations for systems involving Flygt pumps. For such calculations we need following information, please complete following questionnaire.

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