Example of a total cost calculation

The example shows two different pump alternatives and their total life cycle cost.

  Alternative 1     Alternative 2
  Q = 10m3/s, H = 18m
Pumps 8x CP 3602 8x CP 3501
Efficiency 80% 77%
Price per unit SEK 273 000 SEK 246 000
In the figure below the total cost is shown for the two alternatives for a 5-year period assuming a yearly running time of 97 hours. We can with this example conclude the following:

The absolute biggest cost driver in a total cost perspective is the running cost. Almost two thirds of the total costs are running costs which emphasizes the importance of minimizing these costs. In this example maintenance costs have not been included, these could be considered to be equal for the two pumps. As seen in the example we also understand that a small difference in efficiency becomes important in the long run since the running costs are lower for the 8x3602.