Small & Medium sized Wastewater Pumps

The Xylem Water Solutions 3000 Series of small and medium-sized Flygt pumps is used in a variety of applications and covers an extensive performance range. They are designed around a modular system whose drive units are the same, but whose hydraulics differ, depending on the application. See
Hydraulic sections.

The main application area for these pumps is sewage pumping in pumping stations and treatment plants. But they also find wide use in other applications, such as storm-water pumping, process water and irrigation. Additional areas of importance include industrial applications and manure handling in agriculture.

The pumps in this series have capacities ranging from 0 to 500 liters per second.

Fore applications in explosive enviroments, most models can be supplied in EX-approved (explosion-proof) versions.

C 3000 pumps

D 3000 Vortex pumps

F3000 Chopper

M 3000 Grinder

N 3000 series